• Arnoud Raskin

    Arnoud Raskin

    In 1996, Arnoud developed his first prototype of the mobile school as a thesis topic for his studies in industrial design. He worked briefly in the private sector, while in his free time continuing to work on improving the mobile school. He then decided to study further: Culture and Development Studies. After a pilot project in Guatemala and Bolivia, a philanthropist /financier (Solid International) offered Arnoud the opportunity to professionalise the project.

    In 2002 Arnoud, in partnership with Ann Van Hellemont, founded the organisation Mobile School in the form of a NPO. Arnoud continues to work as a volunteer for this NPO and is a member of the board of directors.

    In 2007, Mobile School Group was started with Arnoud as managing director. He coordinates the Streetwize section (see website) and is responsible for the marketing and external communication.

  • Ann Van Hellemont

    Ann Van Hellemont

    Ann's background is psychology. She met Arnoud when both were studying Master in Cultures and Development. She was immediately fascinated with the concept and the idea of a mobile school for street children. In 2002, she was a part of the creation and development of the organisation Mobile School. Ann continues to work as volunteer for the NPO.

    In 2007, she also participated in the establishment of the Mobile School Group.

    She coordinates the selection of new partner organisations and the follow-up of existing partner activities. She has final responsibility for research into and development of new educational materials and programmes.

  • Sefan Erens

    Stefan Erens

    Stefan has a business background. He co-headed a family business for 28 years. In 2008, he returned to school and in 2010, obtained a professional bachelor's degree in welfare work. For his thesis, on the occasion of an earthquake, he researched the impact of a natural disaster on children and youth placed in an institution by the judicial system in Chile. He later worked a year for the Hasselt welfare centre Caw 't Verschil in the Youth and Young Persons section, after which he joined the Mobile School Group as operational manager.

  • Rob Sweldens

    Rob Sweldens

    Rob studied Labour and Organisational Psychology. After his studies, he worked for a few years on a number of projects in various Latin American countries.

    In February 2009, he joined the Mobile School team. Rob is responsible for the prospecting visits to potential new partner organisations. He also assists in the implementations of mobile schools, supports ongoing projects and evaluates the performance of current partners. Rob is also responsible for following up the production of mobile schools at GSM Munsterbilzen and he contributes to developing new educational materials and programmes.

  • Saskia Dieleman

    Saskia Dieleman

    Saskia studied to be a kindergarten teacher, after which she obtained a professional bachelor's degree in Social Cultural Work. Her final internship for these studies was done with Mobile School in 2008.

    She has been employed by the organisation since February 2009 and is primarily active in Belgium. She organises the annual campaign on 12 April for recognition of the International Day for Street Children. She coordinates the Sidewalk Chalk Campaign and works with numerous Flemish schools to focus attention on the problem of street children.

    Saskia supervises the Mobile School interns and handles the volunteer work.

  • Chiara Donadoni

    Chiara Donadoni

    Chiara studied languages at first and added studies on human rights and international relations afterwards. Before joining the Mobile School team in 2013, she worked two years in Burundi in the context of developed cooperation.

    Together with Rob, Chiara is responsible for the prospection of potential new partner organisations. She also assists in implementations of mobile schools, supports ongoing projects and evaluates the performance of current partners, mainly in Africa and Asia. Furthermore, she coordinates the translation process of the educational material and contributes to the development of new educational materials and programmes.