Digital innovation in street work


Measure your impact,
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Tech for Good

On a daily basis, street educators and youth workers are confronted with the lack of time to prepare and follow up their activities. Moreover, inspirational platforms to share or find knowledge on non-formal educational activities are almost non-existent.

That is why Mobile School developed a digital strategy to meet this demand. Street Smart is an innovative digital methodology, designed to help street educators and youth workers better monitor the kids they work with, while simultaneously offering inspiration for new educational activities.

StreetSmart consists of 3 modules: StreetSmart Impact, StreetSmart Play and StreetSmart Learn (under construction).

3 modules

StreetSmart Impact

The StreetSmart Impact smartphone application allows street educators and youth workers to efficiently measure the impact of their work. Track activities and the corresponding participation rates of children and easily monitor the educational process of each child over time.

StreetSmart Play

The StreetSmart Play content-sharing platform is developed to stimulate creativity in preparing street and youth work interventions. Browse through a large number of fun and attractive educational activities to spice up your sessions with brand new games designed by people from all over the world. Don’t forget to share your own games!

StreetSmart Learn

StreetSmart Learn connects our two other modules. Check online training videos and use the data captured by StreetSmart Impact to find the most suitable educational activities for your target group. This module is still under construction (expected release early 2021).

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