Placement of a mobile school

A new mobile school: what and how?

At the start of a new partnership, Mobile School NPO sends a mobile school and 300 educational games. Two members of Mobile School accompany the shipment and are responsible for training the street workers who will use the school.

The Mobile School team remains on site for 4 weeks to monitor the start-up. During the first two weeks, the street workers are immersed in an intensieve opleidingstraject. During the last two weeks, the street workers are supervised before, during and after their initial uses of the mobile school on the street.

1 Introducing the Mobile School philosophy and pedagogical vision

An interactive presentation explains the functioning and vision of Mobile School, and the local reality and target group are examined.

2 Importance of Stimulating Self esteem

What is self-esteem? How can this be influenced by interaction between street workers and street children?

3 Educational materials

The package is reviewed and the functioning (basic pedagogy) is explained.

4 Technical workshop

How should a mobile school be moved? How should you open it? How should you close it? How can you repair it when problems occur? How should a mobile school be maintained? Street workers are given a ready answer to these questions.

5 Counseling Skills

Communiceren met straatkinderen die getekend werden door een reeks traumatische ervaringen: hoe doe je dat? How to build a safe environment and trusting relationship?

6 Creative Therapy

Communicating with street children who have been marred by a series of traumatic experiences: how does one do this? How to build a safe environment and a trusting relationship?

7 Creativity

Techniques that help make work more creative are explained. Each street worker designs his or her own activities that later are put into practice.

8 Evaluation strategies and team

Why do we evaluate? What do we evaluate? And how do we evaluate? What is a team and how do I evaluate a team? Together we search for the most efficient way to evaluate and work together.

9 Games workshop

Looking at ways to adapt or transform existing games into innovative new activities in accordance with the reality and needs of your target group.

10 Entrepreneurship on the street

What does entrepreneurship entail? Basis business skills for street businesses.

After 4 weeks of intensive training and coaching on the street, it is fully up to the local street workers. We further monitor our colleagues on the street from our office in Leuven, and are always ready to provide support when needed.

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