Production mobile schools

The mobile school is produced at Munsterbilzen Municipal School (PSSB). Mobile School NPO and PSSB together have made the clear and deliberate choice to have the schools produced by Flemish youth in a cross-border project that involves aspects of social global education, technical education and entrepreneurship.

We do this in a spin-off company on the PSSB secondary school campus. The company's activities consist of research, development and production. Central to the project are the students who produce the mobile schools in partnership with the different departments and grades of the secondary school. The project is supported by a team of committed, enterprising teachers.

Production mobile school

Internal involvement

  1. The departments Mechanical Design Techniques (technical secondary education) and Welding Construction (vocational secondary education) actively work together on the development and production.

  2. Workshop supervision by the teachers.

  3. In addition, other courses in the school such as religion/ethics, geography, history, etc... can be involved in the project. The specific teachers are given aspects that correspond to the objectives of the cross-curricular development goals.

  4. A support coordinator from Mobile School.


External involvement

  1. Several parts of the production (painting, tyre mounting...) are contracted out to part-time educational institutions in the region. In the context of this project, these young people can also be sensitised and motivated to work on a meaningful project via a concrete goal.

  2. Through its involvement with the mobile schools, primary education benefits from awareness raising, an orientation to the world and educational formation. Primary education classes are also welcome to visit the company. This contributes to a more positive perception of technical secondary and vocational secondary education.

  3. Industry provides logistics support for the development, choice of materials, etc... Several companies have a long-standing relationship with the project. In this way, students constantly come in contact with industry.

Production mobile school

By working on the production of mobile schools, youth gain a number of key competencies (on the job expertise such as loyalty, quality consciousness, commercial insight, insight into work organisation, ability to handle stress, task oriented management, etc...) and field transcending skills (social skills, sense of public responsibility, etc...).

This results in a project that transcends borders, within the departments of PSSB and other educational institutions, as well as civil society and industry. Education, solidarity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand in this wide-ranging project.

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