Mobile school

The mobile school is a cart on wheels, with extendable blackboards. The mobile school's educational learning games – its software – can be installed everywhere. The mobile school can easily be set up and torn down. Due to its design, it can be used on sidewalks, squares, parks and slums of the big city.

Opened Mobile School in Africa   Opened mobile school in Bytom Poland

The mobile school is fully weather resistant. Tropical showers, a burning Caribbean sun and freezing temperatures in Romania present no problem. Moreover, the mobile school is resistant to theft: all materials are attached to the board, and cannot be removed.

Educational games. More than 300 are available. The package covers diverse themes, which makes it possible to offer street children a wide-ranging basic education: literacy, creative therapy, health education, and drugs and AIDS prevention.

Fully extended, the mobile school cart is no less than six metres long.

A standard procedure is used to request a mobile school. Click here to find out more about the procedure.