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Organisations that work with street children and that share the vision and objectives of Mobile School NPO can request from us a mobile school with educational materials to use in their outreach work. Mobile School NPO offers partner organisations an innovative outreach work methodology, with: a mobile school, educational materials, training programmes and coaching for street workers


Candidates can request a mobile school by completing the application form in detail and sending it together with the requested attachments to: or to Mobile School NPO - Brabançonnestraat 25 - 3000 Leuven - Belgium.

Based on the submitted dossiers, Mobile School NPO initiates a selection procedure to decide which projects are granted use of a mobile school and corresponding materials. Detailed information on the application procedure and the application form can be found at

Loan for use contract

A loan for use contract is concluded for the placement of the mobile school. The mobile school materials are made available to the partner organisation for an indefinite period. The partner organisation is not asked to pay anything for the mobile school, the materials or the training.

Mobile School NPO bears the full cost of production, transport costs to the nearest airport, and the costs of training street workers. By signing the loan contract, the partner organisation only commits itself to complying with the simple criteria included in this agreement. As long as these criteria are met, the assigned schools remain with the partners.

The loan for use contract stipulates that if, for one reason or another, a partner does not fulfil its commitments to street children, Mobile School NPO may remove a mobile school from the partner and reassign it to an organisation that does meet the objectives

The most important criteria

  • The school must be used on the street at least 10 hours per week.
  • The street workers use the mobile school in a dynamic and creative way.
  • The local partner evaluates the results and informs Mobile School NPO as agreed.

Mobile School NPO's investment is limited to the development and production of the equipment (the mobile school + educational materials) and financing the training. The partner organisation is responsible for the daily operation of the mobile school. Mobile School NPO will in no case make funding available for the daily functioning (e.g. salaries of street workers, logistics costs associated with operation, repair and maintenance).

More information on the placement of a mobile school

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