Empower school kids

Mobile School supports students in their development into potential change-makers. They thus are empowered to build a future for themselves, society and the planet. Mobile School's inspiration here is its experience on the street.

   Belgian school children at the mobile school

The Mobile School vision is based on two foundational pillars:

1. The reasons for taking action

We first make children aware of the reasons why they need to take action. We confront them with a world in which street children are found everywhere. We inform them concerning the problems, rights violations and the oppression. We work with them to develop their values and ability to empathise. Thus, we contribute to developing a mindset that does not accept the existing situations of exclusion and oppression. We build on an awareness that indifference is also an assault on human dignity.

2. Taking action

We must take action in the face of unacceptable problems. In addition to these insights, we must also develop a series of competencies. And for this, we take inspiration from the street children and the street skills that help them survive daily:

  • The skill of building and acting based on hope, opportunities and faith in advancement.
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Agility
  • Impact by working together and entering into relationships with partners.