Getting out the ‘Magic Box’: Using a mobile school to build self-esteem

Posted on 09-02-2017

Vicky Ferguson, oprichter en CEO van onze Keniaanse partner Glad's House schreef een fantastisch artikel voor de Enabling Education Network Review over hoe haar organisatie de mobiele school inzet om de eigenwaarde van straatjongeren in Mombasa te bevorderen. 

"A highlight for me was watching a young man, aged 22, whom I have known for almost ten years, walk around the 12 metres of blackboard and engage in every single activity. Each time he completed an exercise, he would come to me and take me to the board to show me what he had achieved. It was a very special moment that cemented just what can be achieved with our Mobile School!"

Cover Enabling Education Review Mobile School

Klik op de cover van het tijdschrift en lees het artikel over de mobiele school op pagina 8!