Easy, fast and effective case management & impact measurement for youth workers

Two tools

StreetSmart Impact consists of two tools:

  • A user-friendly smartphone application which allows youth workers and street educators to collect relevant data about their interventions and contacts.
  • A web-based back-end where the user can consult the data, automatically generated dashboards and reports.

StreetSmart Impact is GDPR compliant!

Three main functions

Activity tracking & reporting (output)

The first component helps the user to track activities/ interventions and the corresponding participation rates of the target group. This is done through a user-friendly and intuitive interface and will bring an immediate benefit to the users, as they will win time thanks to a more efficient administration system.

# organised sessions, # participants in sessions, total contacts, return rates children, # newcomers, gender, age groups, # activities per session, # activities per educational topic ... 

Educational reporting (impact)        

The second component focusses on the monitoring of the educational processes of individual children and is the most innovative. We developed a set of indicators which will help the user to track evolutions in mood, self-efficacy, future orientation and belongingness.       

Personal info child, # sessions per child, # and type activities per child, mood evolution per child, evolution skills per child (self-confidence and learning track), evolution goals per child (amounts, duration, success rate), evolution network child (density, warmth, quality) ...

Case management

The third component offers features to add extra information and data to the specific cases of individual children. Youth educators can register notes and add documents to the children’s cases. The cases are easily consultable via the StreetSmart Impact back-end.

Current stage
  • Prototype in beta testing
  • Expected release: end 2019

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