Bridge between impact and play

StreetSmart Learn

The bridge between StreetSmart Impact and StreetSmart Play

Two main components

StreetSmart Learn wants to build the bridge between the impact application and the content platform. Using data in a smart and effective way and supporting youth workers is the main aim of StreetSmart Learn. Including a two components: a video training feature and a link between impact data and educational methodologies.

Video training feature

We need to support the StreetSmart Impact and StreetSmart Play users in the best possible way. Therefore, we will host training videos on a variety of topics such as:

  • Empowerment and pedagogy: mood, self-efficacy, future orientation and belongingness
  • Practical set up of the impact app and the corresponding reporting website, customised for your organisation
  • Daily use of the impact app and the content platform
  • Track reports and analyse data
  • Interpret data and find methods to work on reported problems
  • Advanced methodologies of street and youth work: counseling skills, principles of street work, self-esteem, …
Link between impact data and educational methodologies

When a street educator or youth worker uses the impact app on a regular base, he/ she will have enough data to track reports on a child or group level. Nevertheless, needs to be interpreted. To assist them, we will create a wizard which facilitates the user to analyse the data.

The system will ask specific questions for each data set (participation rate, moods, ….) which will help the system to interpret the data and automatically lead to a suggestion of adequate and relevant activities available onStreetSmart_play to target the specific child or group.

After getting all the systems and support operational in different countries, we will install a self-learning mechanism, which will automatically link needs and evolutions within a child or group of children to corresponding activities on the content platform. The system will then evaluate if the activity which was suggested, will cause a change in the situation of the child. If so, similar activities will be linked stronger with this specific need. If not, the system will not make this link again and will look for other activities to address the specific need.

Current stage
  • Concept framework is designed.
  • After launching StreetSmart Impact and StreetSmart Play, plans for development will be concretised.
  • Expected release: /

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