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StreetSmart Play

An open online platform to consult and share educational games and methodologies

Join forces

Being a good youth worker or educator requires high levels of creativity. You need a wide variation of fun and valuable activities and methodologies to approach  children and youth. StreetSmart Play creates the opportunity to join forces and ensure that all games can be played everywhere.

Two main functions

Your ideal game just one click away

By using the filter feature, everybody can easily browse the database and find the games you need for your planned activity.

Sharing is caring

Wouldn’t it be great when the game or activity that you have created is played by children on the other side of the globe? You can easily create your own StreetSmart Play account and build-up your own game library. A user-friendly wizard helps you to digitalize the treasure of games and ideas in your memory and make them accessible to the world. Colleagues can tap into your creativity and play your games with their children. They can even feed-back you and suggest variations.

Can you imagine the potential and fun when you can start co-creating with educators from all over the globe!? StreetSmart Play  is a platform build WITH the community FOR the community.

Mobile School designed the platform with one goal, … openly share everything we have developed with everybody that needs it, in order to support children and youth in need. We invite the youth work and educational community to join us in the sharing strategy!

Current stage
  • Platform is build. We are inputting Mobile School content at the moment.
  • Expected release: September 2019

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