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Recent achievements


In February 2024 we launched a new mobile school in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé together with our local partner NM House. The new mobile school is the first of its kind in the Central African country!


Together with our partner the Khazana Foundation, we developed a basic package on financial literacy in the second half of 2023, consisting of two educational posters, several activities and an online training programme.


Another transfer of an older mobile school took place in Ethiopia. There, our friends from Let Us Change Ethiopia were very excited to give an older mobile school a second life at their centres in Hawassa. In early 2024, the team of local street workers received basic training to strengthen their work.


After the terrible earthquake in southern Türkiye and Syria in February 2023, we were asked to start up a new mobile school in the affected area. Barely 6 months later, our local partner Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development (ISSDA) started conducting mobile school sessions in container camps in Kahramanmaras and Adiyaman.


In early 2024, we were able to restart an older mobile school in Mexico City with the motivated team of Fundación Pro Niños de la Calle. After using our digital StreetSmart tools, they now also have the opportunity to deploy the mobile school on the streets of the Mexican capital.


From 19 to 21 February, we welcomed 15 organisations from 11 countries to our Leuven office for a seminar and open conference organised at Campus Corso in Leuven. Moreover, the international week ended with a two-day training for all our international master trainers!

Read more about these projects on our news page.


These projects have already been confirmed for 2023:


Currently, our team is busy translating and adapting all educational materials to Nepali. Within a few months we will ship a school to the organization 'SathSath' in Kathmandu.


Because three mobile schools have already been started in Colombia, there is less preparatory work to start our new collaboration at 'Pastoral Social de la Diócesis' in Armenia, Colombia.

In the pipeline for 2023:


In November 2022 a team explored a potential partnership in Durban. After evaluating this visit, this could lead to the start-up of a first mobile school in South Africa in 2023.


In addition to our projects in Guadalajara, Querétaro and Mexico City, there is a high probability that a second mobile school will be shipped to the Mexican capital.



The next new mobile school will be launched in the north of Togo, around the city of Dapaong in June 2024. Having previously gained experience with the mobile school in the capital Lomé, our partner Hälsa International will deploy the new school in their project in the north of the country, where the crisis of neighbouring Burkina Faso is also being felt hard.


From July 2024, a brand new mobile school will also drive through the streets of the Argentinian city of Mendoza. There, it is our partner Generando Puentes that will use the school to offer more opportunities to children from the disadvantaged neighbourhoods around the city.


On the educational front, our team is currently working hard to create a new toolkit around trauma-informed care. Together with partners Solidarity Now (Greece), Minor Ndako (Belgium) and Save the Children (Romania), and with the support of ERASMUS+, we are creating new educational posters, activities, audio stories and training for youth workers to work more responsibly with vulnerable children.

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