Meanwhile we received the fantastic news that had decided to invest in our case and impact measurement technology ‘StreetSmart Impact’. We geared up, firmed up the partnership with our developer Halcyon Mobile and started building the apps, databases and websites. We aimed to bring the product to market at the end of 2020.

Backed by Erasmus+ we started researching and preparing the design of StreetSmart Learn, an online and app-based learning platform where youth workers can find training and inspiration. This product is part of our strategy to start sharing and offering all of our content, materials and know-how with the world.  Previously this was only accessible for the Wheels partners when receiving the mobile school carts, printed games and face to face trainings. But technology changed the game bringing new opportunities for more impact. In 2019 we had taken a first step in opening up to the world with the launch StreetSmart Play, our online game and activity platform for youth workers.

As well, the StreetwiZe sky looked bright. We began 2020 with an impressive list of exciting projects to be delivered for a variety of clients in the retail, healthcare and financial sectors. Leadership deep dives were planned to bring company leaders to the streets for immersive learning. The pipeline looked very promising, filled with even more interesting projects to be undertaken.

Looking back at the first months of 2020, it’s remarkable how Covid-19 only existed as a problem in China. We were certainly part of the collective naivety, not having a clue what was waiting for us … until the uppercut of lockdown 1.

After some weeks of rejection fooling ourselves it would be over by summer, we realized that reality had changed dramatically. StreetSmart Wheels projects were cancelled. StreetwiZe clients postponed planned business and the pipeline vaporized in no time.

We understood that we had reached the moment to show the world we deserved our brand names StreetSmart & StreetwiZe. We had to walk the talk by showing positive focus, resilience, agility and creativity. And yes, we did! Yes, our team showed they are what they preach.

In no time, the StreetSmart team delivered a Covid-19 response package to the Wheels partners in 30 countries. They offered online support and focused on speeding up the tech development. They delivered the Impact tool and implemented it. Literally in between lockdowns, they even managed to start up a second new Wheels-project in Poland.

The StreetwiZe crew redesigned the full StreetwiZe curriculum into an unorthodox yet crisp and impactful, online workshop alternative. They used the StreetSmart apps and platforms and tweaked them to design Digital Learning Tracks for our clients.

2020 feels like a crash test we survived! Now we feel stronger than before. Using the cliché… we have not wasted the crisis.

BUT, it’s not about us! is just a structure designed to realise a mission. It’s about that mission; the impact on vulnerable children and youth. In those communities the Covid-19 measures have hit cruelly. Millions of children are dropping out of school. Populations of street children are growing. The impact of the lockdowns on the mental health of teenagers in small apartments of social building blocks is collectively underestimated. We witnessed the absurd reality of homeless children being arrested for not respecting lockdowns. Partners report increasing numbers of abuse and violence.

In times of crisis, solidarity is needed more than ever.

We are engaged! We will bring more impactful products to the StreetwiZe clients and create the financial leverage for the StreetSmart team. Together with our partners in more than 30 countries, we will reach out to the streets and support the forgotten children and youth. We must be ambitious. It is simple. It’s our duty.

Enjoy many more stories and facts about our 2020 activities and results in this year’s report.  

Stay safe and be StreetwiZe,