In Kelaniya – a suburb of Colombo known for its important Buddhist temple - Child Action Lanka (CAL) is running a pre-school, academic classes and activities for local underprivileged children. The staff also offers counselling as most of the children come from very challenging backgrounds.

Since most of the brothers and sisters of these children cannot participate in the activities in the center, CAL reached out to Mobile School to explore a potential partnership and strengthen their community outreach work. By taking a mobile school directly into the communities and offering creative, non-formal educational activities, the organisation will be able to reach many more children.

Besides the work in Kelaniya, CAL operates in 7 districts across Sri Lanka to offer much needed educational activities to street-connected children, orphans, victims of war and their families. In this interview published in February 2019, CAL CEO Debbie Edirisinghe gives a clear and detailed explanation on the context of vulnerable children in Sri Lanka and on what Child Action Lanka is doing to provide opportunities to the different target groups.

We can’t wait to officially start up our partnership with Child Action Lanka, so stay tuned for more updates on the first mobile school in Sri Lanka!

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