Over the past couple of weeks, six health panels were redesigned to better meet the needs of social workers worldwide. The older panels were designed in the early 2000s and didn’t suit the context many of our partners work in today anymore. Therefore, the Mobile School team and the educational volunteers set up a couple of meetings to give these panels a new look and feel. Afterwards, our illustrator Gijs Vanhee got to work and delivered a couple of new high-quality panels, ready for use.

As from today, the newly designed panels can be found on our StreetSmart Play platform, where youth workers can find a wide variety of educational activities they can conduct during their non-formal educational sessions with their target groups. In order to facilitate the launch of the new health panels, Mobile School organized a webinar for our local partner organisations so street educators were immediately updated about the new activities. Moreover, our partners were able to give additional feedback on the redesign, Mobile School can learn from for new redesign projects in the near future.

You can find the StreetSmart Play links for the newly designed panels below:

  1. Personal Hygiene
    Time to talk about hygiene! Link the personal hygiene items to the right situation and look for the differences between the two similar situations.
  2. Hair Care
    Let’s go to the hairdresser! Learn everything there is to know about hair care and haircuts with this health discussion panel.
  3. Inverted Food Pyramid
    Use the inverted food pyramid to initiate a discussion on nutrition, physical exercise and the secret to a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The Doctor
    Identify the symptoms and know when to seek medical attention with the help of the new multicultural ‘Doctor’-panel.
  5. Baby Care
    How to take care of a baby? Learn all about the do’s and don’ts of baby care with the help of this simple health discussion panel.
  6. Pregnancy
    Gain more insight in the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy while discussing the different situation on this newly designed health panel.