That is why StreetSmart adapted and expanded its offer of educational games about sexuality, in order to better meet the needs of all youth work organisations. Our goal is to make it easy for youth workers to address the topic of sexuality in a playful way with the children and young people they work with, so they can make conscious, healthy and respectful decisions.

Together with the volunteers of our educational work group and graphical designer Gijs Vanhee, we redesigned three of our existing game boards on sexuality. In addition, three new game boards and a card game were developed. These newly (re)designed panels form part of StreetSmart’s sexuality package, which consists of various educational activities and energizers.

Sexuality is a very broad term, encompassing various subtopics. Here, you can find a list of all activities included in our sexuality package to address these different topics:

Sexuality in general:
Body (development):
Gender & sexual orientation:
Safe sex:
Sex & media:

Because talking about sex is not always that easy, StreetSmart will set up a webinar on 9 June 2021 from 10:00 till 11:30 CEST to look into how these materials can be used during youth work interventions. Interested? Subscribe here!