The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on our way of working and, like all our partner organisations, we have had to reinvent ourselves. We decided not to organise any international trainings until May 2021 and, instead, relocate our resources into (re)designing educational materials, setting up webinars and online exchanges and developing and implementing our digital StreetSmart tools.

So how was it possible for us to still organise a training this year?

We have our very skilled local trainers to thank for that! The mobile school project in Racibórz was started up by Robert Cieślar and Agnieszka Gabriel, who both have extensive experience in working with the mobile school in similar contexts in Poland, in Bytom and Gliwice respectively. Both our trainers and the local team made all the necessary arrangements to set up COVID-proof workshops and street sessions.

With the mobile school, Pomocna Dłoń is hoping to reach the street-connected children and youngsters they are not reaching with their current offer. The first two street sessions were a big hit! Robert and Agnieszka give a brief explanation in this video:

During the street sessions, the team was also able to put our brand new COVID-19 discussion panel to the test by getting feedback from the real experts: the children and youngsters themselves. The panel allows them to reflect about the impact the pandemic has had and is having on their lives.

The mobile school now starts its winter sleep in Racibórz, but the local street educators are already excited to hit the streets with their brand new street proof tool as soon as winter is over!