Purpose or meaning exists when people have legitimate goals and when they feel personally empowered to have impact regarding those goals. Goals they consider righteous, important and valuable. Goals that fit within their set of values and beliefs.

Finding purpose comes with having a clear sense of self: the way a person thinks about and views his or her traits, beliefs and purpose in the world. Being conscious about who we are, what values we treasure and what we stand for is key.

In today’s rapidly changing and challenging society with tremendous amounts of opportunities and threats, we should strive for that solid foundation of sense of self within our teams. It brings stability and certainty in an uncertain context. It generates engagement and develops an inner climate that nourishes entrepreneurship and innovation.
I am very grateful to work with colleagues who embody these concepts. Scaling our impact together is a continuous balancing act in which self-reflection and discussion are important ingredients. I want to take this opportunity to express my most sincere gratitude to my colleagues. They are the ones that make it happen, being their authentic selves, pushing projects, challenging strategies and creating opportunities.

I’m blessed to work with these fantastic people and hope we can continue our journey to further explore new strategies to build a sustainable future for people, organisations and society.

While flicking through our annual report, I hope you’ll enjoy some of the great stuff our team realised together with many other important stakeholders.

Best regards,
Arnoud Raskin

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