The mobile school cannot be viewed as an alternative for formal education. The main goal is to boost the self-esteem of children and youngsters on the streets with our educational materials. This is closely linked to every child’s right to an identity. To put that right in practice, dozens of street educators worldwide dedicate themselves to working with the mobile school on the streets. Thanks to their support, children learn to write their own names, they learn what their potential is and they learn to appreciate and respect the talents of the people around them.

Nevertheless, it is not always easy to talk about children’s rights in a context where a lot of them are absent. The streets are often a tough and challenging environment. A negative perception of the children and youngsters on the streets often leads to situations of abuse and violence. At the mobile school, we inform them about their rights through animated discussion panels and educational games. Children and youngsters learn how to defend themselves and where they can go to claim their rights.

Children's Rights Panel on the mobile school in Manila
One of the educational panels of Mobile School about the children's rights

We also teach them which responsibilities each children’s right entails. That way we build bridges between the streets and society. Because of our positive approach, we also put into practice the rights to play, to have friends and to love and care. And above all, we are 100% convinced of the strenght and the potential of every child on the streets.

That’s why we want to stress the importance of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child on this special day. At Mobile School, we will keep dedicating ourselves to give children’s rights a place on the streets as well.